Licentiateship programme

The licentiateship program is a qualification award which is open for all technical/skilled people/persons, who have two (2) to fifteen (15) years of working experience in the concerned trade with relevance with the engineering, Art, management, designing etc. Accordingly on the basis of their experience and test by an assessor appointed by the institution, either by continue professional development or direct method. The award will be given on the recommendations of the board of assessors, and level from 1 to 5 confirmations has taken up with board. The award comprises on a certificate and a professional identity card, and should be renewed yearly basis. The award will touch every subject area where experts are available within the institution. The new candidates have to complete two years (Internal-ship) of IPD under our associate or member, who have no working experience but bent to learn specific skill. Eligibility: Minimum age: 14+ for IPD with Literate (*illiterates will be provided guidance under Total Literacy programme) Minimum age 19+ for Full award of Licentiateship with five year working experience in concern subject area (for level 2) Consent from parent or guardian. Benefits of Licentiateship Professional identification. Level of competence Certificate for display /honor Risk Insurance* Loan /credit plan for licentiates (under existing schemes of Banks)* Providing of networking facilities. Updating of knowledge in concern subject through printed matter, presentation, group discussion etc. Team work option* (*conditions apply)