Roles and services of Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir is an independent organisation operating under Trust Registration Act. It is a non-profit-making body with an income derived mainly from the examination entry fees paid by candidates/members. It is called the Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir because it was founded and financed initially Technicians & Engineers of JK Power Development Department and Industry. It very soon, however, supported local. Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir is dedicated to providing the specific products and services required by our local customers. It is organised into a number of departments, covering the Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir: product development, market development and support, assessment and operations. In order to support our operations we have a number of branch offices, agents and representatives throughout the Kashmir. Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir offers a range of qualifications (known as Licentiateship) in vocational and skill certification. The qualifications developed by Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir are designed to provide a combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. They are therefore recognised by the whole community as evidence that the holder has the right skills to do a particular job, yet equally they provide a route to further and higher education and training. Since 2009. Associates, licentiates are awarded to candidates who have been successful in all the units of an assessment (examination/test) at a particular level. Certificates of Unit Credit record success in a component of an assessment. Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir does not itself provide training or education courses, nor does it always specify lengths of study preparation. It awards Associates, licentiates for achievement, not attendance on courses. Colleges or other education or training establishments (known as ‘centres’) will enter candidates for assessment when they are deemed to be ready. Suitable candidates and pre-requisites The selection of students/trainee/members is at the discretion of the introducer and according to any pre-requisites, where they exist, as outlined in the programme level. There are no age limits restricting entry for assessments. No need of academic qualification. Either candidate/members may be supported under total literacy mission. Practical assessments For certain qualifications, practical tests, coursework or project assessments are included. Such assessments may be offered only at those centres where adequate practical facilities, including machinery, tools and equipment, together with appropriate materials, are readily available. The Industrial Training Institute Anantnag may be preferable place. Recognition Membership Associateship and Licentiateships awarded by Institution of Technicians & Engineers Kashmir are accepted throughout the local community as evidence of skills and knowledge certificated to technical standards. Furthermore, the Institution is working for development and start negotiation with number of educational institutions and professional bodies which shall be formally recognising our levels of achievements.